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GMS based light control


How to upload a post using wordpress as editor user


How to protect pdf from editing


How to restrict a word file from editing


Biztalk Q&A – 1

Easy  Name the different adapters in BizTalk SOAP, HTTP, File,SQL,MSMQ, MQ Series,FTP,SMTP,POP3 In an Orchestration design, Orchestration “A” calls another Orchestration “B”, and vice versa. Is it possible to implement this...

How to Turn Off Global Tracking?

By default, global tracking is enabled when you install BizTalk Server. The BizTalk Tracking (BizTalkDTADb) database grows in size as BizTalk Server processes data on your system. If the size of...

(Part 9) BizTalk 2013 Installation and Configuration – Install and Configure BizTalk Server 2013

In this section, you’ll install BizTalk Server, confirm that the installation succeeded, and then configure BizTalk Server. When you installed SQL Server, setup granted your account Database Administrator rights. Since these rights...

(Part 8) BizTalk 2013 Installation and Configuration – Configure SQL Server Database Mail feature

If your BizTalk Server environment uses SQL Server 2012 and you wish to configure BAM Alerts, you must have already configured SQL Server Database Mail feature before you try to configure...

(Part 7) BizTalk 2013 Installation and Configuration – Install SQL Server 2012

BizTalk Server provides the capability to specify a business process and also a mechanism by which the applications used in that business process can communicate with each other. SQL Server is...