The BizTalk HL7 Accelerator, commonly referred to as the BTAHL7, is an add-on capability provided by Microsoft BizTalk Server to integrate diverse healthcare systems using HL7V2.x and HL7 V2.xml encoding standards. The add-on is available as part of BizTalk media installation and provides various add-on components like pipelines, schemas, adapter, utilities etc. The BizTalk HL7 Accelerator provides all required components necessary to implement such scenarios and includes the following in-built functionalities:

  1. The MLLP Adapter to receive and transmit HL7 messages
  2. The ability to parse a HL7 V2.x-encoded message into XML or vice versa
  3. The ability to parse a HL7 V2.xml-encoded message
  4. Return acknowledgment to the sending application based on the mode
  5. Batch processing
  6. Validation of message
  7. Logging

The architecture diagram, which includes all HL7 Accelerator components. The diagram divides
components into two categories, the Development Environment, and the BizTalk Runtime Environment, to help you understand the components required to develop, build, test, and run HL7-based applications.


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